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Discover the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum of Monaco is a prestigious address on the Côte d'Azur, renowned for hosting large-scale events. Located by the sea, this multi-purpose space offers an exceptional setting for cultural, professional and private events. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Grimaldi Forum and discover how Pavillon Gourmet enhances the events organized in this place of excellence.

An Exceptional Location

Nestled on the seafront, the Grimaldi Forum benefits from panoramic views of the Mediterranean, providing an enchanting setting for memorable events. Its privileged location in the heart of Monaco facilitates access for visitors from all over the world. Whether for trade shows, art exhibitions or conferences, the Grimaldi Forum provides a spectacular backdrop for unique gatherings.

A Calendar Rich in Events

The Grimaldi Forum is the scene of varied events, ranging from trade shows and cultural shows to artistic events and international conferences. With a busy calendar throughout the year, this exceptional location attracts a diverse audience, making Monaco a must-see destination for lovers of culture, business and entertainment.

Gourmet Pavilion at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Pavillon Gourmet, your preferred partner in event catering. As a preferred catering provider, Pavillon Gourmet brings an exceptional culinary touch to each event organized at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. With our quality cuisine, our practical Click & Collect and our flexible catering solutions, we we are committed to making your special moments even more delicious. Trust Pavillon Gourmet for your meals during your future events and discover the perfect harmony between refined gastronomy and the elegance of prestigious locations. Book today and let us make your next event a memorable gourmet experience!

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco is an essential address for prestigious and cultural events by the sea. Its exceptional location, varied programming and modern facilities make it an event destination of choice. Accompanied by Pavillon Gourmet, your exceptional caterer, each event organized at the Grimaldi Forum promises to be a culinary success. Whether for professional meetings, artistic exhibitions or private events, take advantage of this exceptional place to create unique and delicious moments. Book today for a memorable event experience in Monaco, enhanced by the refined gastronomy of Pavillon Gourmet.

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